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More than 30 years managing

industrial assets health

Reliability, Strategy, Value - Let nothing stop you.

To a growing extent, market leaders are among those who have succeeded in creating production processes that are more reliable and more efficient than those of others. The core of such controlled production is known as strategic condition monitoring. Many suppliers would be keen to deliver to you the hardware for measuring, but few could offer practically usable methods for evaluating the readings. 

Industrial Maintenance profitable monitoring is matter of strategic combinations. By monitoring the mechanical and electrical condition of your equipment with an integrated approach, you will have the right combination of  measurement methods at every point in you machinery. By analyzing these conditions, we can supply the data, so you can schedule repairs prior to the development of serious difficulties. 

The Condition Based Maintenance Service Program, as offered by VIBRA, can achieve the above goals by  maintaining your assets and caring for them. A consistently implemented asset management strategy enables you to identify potential disturbances before they have had time to cause problems. Bottom line: The Condition Based Maintenance Service Program will provide the necessary data to improve the plant equipment Reliability. 


VibrAnalysis offers services on three main areas: Condition-Based Maintenance, Reliability Engineering Consulting, and On-site Repairs. No matter what the existing conditions and parameters are, optimizing plant efficiency and reliability is our top priority.


We transform your asset maintenance strategy to a failure mode driven one with the goal of assuring asset reliability.


We analyze your equipment in order to assess its operational conditions and detect early failure signs.

Asset Condition Management

We monitor and identify machinery functional deviations for predictive maintenance.

IIoT Condition

We provide asset condition monitoring services including the design, furnishing and installation of IIoT sensors and devices to monitor your asset’s condition.

On-Site Repair & Precision Maintenance

We repair your equipment on the field using the latest precision maintenance technologies.


At VIBRA, we understand the importance of learning the latest trends in your industry, and the cutting-edge technologies that will serve you better.


The more competent your staff is, the better results you will obtain. Vibra's technical training courses provide a balanced learning experience with special attention on performance.


At VIBRA, we understand the importance of the correct equipment to perform assets diagnostic effectively. Also, as part of our 360° vision and understanding of the reliability industry, we service all the equipment you acquire and we only use high quality tools and instruments in conducting analysis.

We are proud to partner with worldwide hardware and software products, represent, train and service them for your benefit and reliability source of 

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