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Company Profile

Transforming the way the industry performs maintenance is our Mission

Three decades ago, we began asking ourselves a question that is as simple as it is self-evident. How could a machinery condition monitoring program be designed to deliver value? The key is to design a system aligned with your company goals and clearly defined success metrics. Established in 1993, with headquarters in Puerto Rico, Mexico and USA offices, we support customers throughout the Caribbean, Latin America & North America. In the present highly competitive global market, we rely on our vast domain knowledge and experience to assist companies in their continuous efforts to increase and maximize productivity.

Mission: To transform the way the industry performs maintenance through predictive analytics and reliability engineering

Vision: VIBRA is the Reliability Services leader who offers the greatest scope, effectiveness, and experience. Continuous customer integrated innovation allows us to achieve operational excellence.

Industries We Serve

Life Science

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechs and Medical Devices have the responsibility to protect and improve the life of organisms. So we do the same for the industry, by providing cutting edge technology assembled with experience and proactive maintenance for the non-stop continuity-cycle that it needs.

Food & Beverage

The world relies on the food and beverage industry to cover the majority of its sustenance needs. Our responsibility in this equation is for this industry to rely on us to keep watch of the condition and performance of components in order to reduce costs and lengthen their life cycles.

Power Generation & Utilities

Efficiency is a key note for the power generation and utilities industries. With the On-site repair On-Demand service our qualified team is ready to assess, analyze and fix complex systems failures with the commitment of first-rate execution.

Industrial Manufacturing

The multiplicity of deliverables covered by the industrial manufacturing branch is immense.  From automotive, steel, to building materials, it's the framework of cities and communities. For this framework to be stable our equipment and online monitoring systems keeps you up to date with any change in your assets.

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