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VIBRA Skills Academy

Innovation. Knowledge. Evolution. Words that move the world. At VIBRA we understand the importance of learning the latest trends in your industry, and how to master cutting-edge technologies to serve you better. The more competent your staff, the better results you obtain.

We offer the world-class technological information and resources in areas like Predictive Maintenance, Reliability Engineering and Asset Health Management with a vision while balancing cultural change, technical aspect, and international standardization for a wholistic learning experience. 


​You choose your best learning scenario: we visit your facilities; you can attend our public courses, or we provide a digital environment which maximizes your learning experience.  We make sure that you develop the skills necessary to thrive in today’s industrial environment. 

Backed by our continuing pursue of excellence, international standards certifications, and the best expert resources, we are a leading information and education source you can trust and rely upon.


See our complete catalogue of courses and reserve your spot today.

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