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At Vibra, we understand the importance of the correct equipment to perform assets diagnostic effectively. Also, as part of our 360° vision and understanding of the reliability industry, we service all the equipment you acquire and we only use high quality tools and instruments in conducting analysis:

Vibration Analysis Equipment

  • Portable systems: meters, data collectors and analyzers
  • Online monitoring systems (continuous & wireless)
  • Sensors: accelerometers, speedometers, proximity sensors, impact transmitters
  • Condition monitoring software

Condition monitoring software

Thermographic Analysis Equipment

  • Portable infrared cameras
  • High definition infrared cameras
  • Infrared cameras for scientific applications
  • Infrared cameras for Automation (inspection, continuous monitoring)
  • Cameras for detection of hydrocarbon gas leaks
  • Boiler inspection cameras

Structural Airborne Ultrasound Analysis Equipment

  • Pressurized gas leak detection equipment
  • Steam trap inspection equipment
  • Ultrasound lubrication units
  • Online monitoring systems (continuous)
  • Corona / Arc discharge inspection equipment

Electric Motor Circuit Analysis Equipment

  • Electrical motors analyzers
  • Online analyzers
  • Offline analyzers
  • Electric motor energy consumption and efficiency analyzers

Oil Analysis Equipment

  • Portable oil analyzers
  • Tribology laboratories

Laser Alignment Equipment

  • Sheave pulley alignment
  • Shaft alignment
  • Geometry laser-based measurement systems
  • Induction bearing heaters

Automatic Lubrication Systems

  • Electrochemical lubrication systems
  • Electronic lubrication systems
  • Smart, multipoint lubrication systems

Filter Elements for lubrication systems

  • High-endurance filter elements
  • High and medium pressure filters
  • Coreless elements
  • Spin-On filters
  • Tank-enclosed filters
  • High flow filters
  • Desiccant respirators and suction filters
  • Oil purification systems
  • Portable oil filtration units
  • Portable particle counters

Non-destructive test systems

  • Video camera-equipped boroscopes
  • Wall-thickness measurement systems


Vibration Analysis Equipment


Lubrication Equipment


Structural Airborne Ultrasound


Thermographic Analysis


Motor Analysis